Warna Langit

Juni Safitri

hmm. . .

on October 12, 2012

– a nine year old kid with autism –

Let’s say he is different from most kids his age. He was diagnosed with autism. He had an aid accompany him to class. Now, he is able to go to school by himself. He does not have any close friends. But, there are few people who will be nice to him. It is very hard for him to voice things, especially under pressure. He may not know how to communicate with others by speaking. He may have autism, and does not understand what is going on around him. He likes smiling, he likes dancing, he likes moving his hands, he likes singing, and he likes running around. The world seems so beautiful and peaceful to him.

I can not imagine going to school and not have anyone to talk or help me out when I need it. He does not have any peers he can rely on at school. I was thinking about what life may be like for someone who is autistic. Is it peaceful? is it beautiful? is it awesome? or is it sad? is it lonely? or even is it hurtful?


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