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Juni Safitri

Hi, Future Me

For myself when I reach 37 years old.

Hi, georgeous juni šŸ™‚ 

Well, this is a letter for myself in my 37th birthday.  I would like to ask first. You still write dairies? I hope you still do. How many books do you have now? And how’s your life? 

You must be married and a mother now. When I reach my 30ies, I hope that I am having a great family to be with. My own small family who will make me proud of being a mom. A good husband and two beautiful kids. At that age, I hope I am now a real writer who has published some good books that encourage many people to make them happy. And a school owner where people can trust their kids to share and build their kids’ dreams with us.  Time flies and I hope now I will be very proud of my life. I don’t look for anything but happiness for my little family and make people around me happy too. 

As one of my dreams to become a writer, I hope I can now diplay some of my books in my own library where people can borrow as well as learn from our small library. My dreams are mostly related to books and knowledge. Yep I’m still that kind of woman who loves books. 

Keep dreaming.
And dreams do come true.

-15 minutes writing technique- 

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Children – Desk – DreamsĀ 

First day of school

As I woke up this morning, I felt like I didn’t think I will be ready to start my day.  My summer holiday syndrome is still haunting me. I had the most awesome and unforgettable summer holiday ever in my life, yeah well that’s al, because I have spent a great time with my Balinese man. As it turns out to be my, what he called as, a weeky-moon for us. However this time, I will not talk about my love life with this person, this post will be about my love with my students. Group of kids who brighten my days, enlighten my life, building my future. 

First day of school – been waiting for this day for like two weeks now. A day where I can meet my fresh faces of my-will-be-kids for a whole year in my new classroom. A group of kids who make me think that I am a mother of them at school. Group of kids who look at me with those eyes, kind of look I really like. Group of kids that make me so mermerized with those pure smiles. And group of kids who remind me of the true happiness in playing time. 

That morning I spent quite amount of time trying to make myself look as fancy as possible to great them in front of the class. I teach 5 graders this year. For like more than 4 years I have been teaching kids. I have taught younger kids, 1st graders, 2nd graders even preschool and kindergarten kids, but this time 5th graders will be all over my whole year.  

I greet them with my best smile in the class and introduced myself in kind of funny way so that They will remember the first time they met me. I want them to think that I am a fun person. They can tell me anything and they can trust me. I want them to feel like I am a part of their days in school. I want to share knowledge as well as learn from them. I want to get involved in their thought. I want to make them laugh, and enjoy my class.i want them to be happy.
-15 minutes technique of writing-

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